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Self-care Beauties



Absolute 10/10 experience for not just the physical component of pampering but for the spiritual and mental uplifting and rejuvenation that I felt. The sense of community was incredible. I knew I needed this experience but did not truly understand the depth of that until I was in it. I would recommend this experience to ANY and EVERYONE that I know. Thank you…from the bottom of my heart thank you.

The work that Sister's Upkeep is doing is so important! The community roots that were planted at our Sister's Upkeep event are sure to blossom into phenomenally beautiful flowers and fruits to brighten and nourish our lives.





Sister’s Upkeep was such a wonderful experience, I almost feel bad for those who missed it. Neph’s attention to detail and her efforts in providing for us a luxurious experience were evident throughout the entire trip. From the private yoga session at our Airbnb through to the personalized gift bags, this trip made me feel like “That Girl." I will definitely recommend this experience to those in my circle and I can’t wait for next year.


This event was completely worth my participation. I feel taken care of. I feel seen and I feel uplifted. Nephthali has an attentiveness to women, elegant environments, and details that is astounding. She is a visionary and doer. She makes dreams women don’t even know they have for authentic connection and spiritual care come true. She created an emotional environment for women to connect. The event is worth every moment and dollar! The women who select themselves to participate make it even better!!



This was an unforgettable experience that added value to my life! I feel empowered, valued, loved and cared for! Thank you so much for including me! <3


The Sister’s Upkeep Retreat was beyond anything I could have imagined. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Nephthali really went above and beyond to make sure we had a luxury experience. I felt like a Queen!! Everything was perfect from the beautiful Airbnb, to the activities such as: wine tasting, brunch, and spa treatments. The best part had to be the woman I shared this experience with. Many of us went to this event as strangers and left as lifelong friends. I left this Sister’s Upkeep event feeling beautiful, rested, uplifted and empowered. Every woman deserves to experience a weekend such as this one.


The process leading up to the event was also seamless. Nephthali made sure all my questions were answered, always communicated well with the group, everything was organized and stress free. Showing up the day of the retreat we were greeted with customized gift bags and a private Mercedes party bus to transport us from one location to the next. I mean, it was just so well done! I would highly recommend this experience for anyone that wants to be pampered, have fun, and also just reconnect with yourself and a great group of women. If you are signing up to this experience by yourself, don’t worry! Because the existing Sister's Upkeep ladies are beyond amazing. It is nothing but great energy, positivity and laughter. I cannot wait for next years retreat!!



This event was an opportunity to just meet with like minded women and just let our hair down. We were able to grow individually as well as have the chance to learn from others. The spirit of affirmation was so thick in the air. Theres no way you couldn't feel good about yourself. All the ladies were so loving and really helped cultivate such an awesome experience. The self-care activities made me feel truly pampered and so happy. It was great to invest in ME!


Sister's Upkeep is a dream team that centers and celebrates women. I felt that energy as soon as I entered the space and am grateful for the afternoon I had with other women that were going through similar life experiences as I was. It also felt like a day that celebrated my beauty, my self-care, my love, the role I play in my community, etc... What a gift to be able to pause and be in community with other incredible women!

Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 10.26.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 10.21.49 AM.png


Sister's Upkeep was beautiful, there was laughter, and the food was great. It was classy. I loved it. Would definitely recommend to other women.

Linda & Selina 

This event was refreshing. The attention to agenda details were intentional and gave the feeling that, as guests, we were the center of the plans...very personal. The event was so beautifully curated and I felt so honored to attend with my mother-in-love! I wish everyone had the opportunity to feel cared for by Sister's Upkeep!

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